Fixed Income Property Investments

Fixed Income Investments
With Leading UK Property Developers

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Your Opportunity to Explore Stable Investment Income

Avantis Fixed Income, Investment Opportunities That Deliver Stable Returns and Regular Income for Private Investors



Short to Mid-term Investments of 1 to 5 years With Exit Strategies



Choose to invest in UK Property and Businesses with Regular Income and Capital Growth Options



Fixed Repayments Over The Term of Between 7.5% to 15% p.a. with Asset-Backed Security


Investments that deliver fixed returns over the short term, with income-generating repayment options and capital growth opportunities from UK based developers and Businesses 


Avantis Wealth was formed to help private investors seeking alternative investments that achieve sustainable higher returns and income options. Avantis helps in the search for asset-backed investments and through our enhanced due-diligence process, we bring only highly scrutinised UK based investments to our private clients.


Growth or Income

Choose from a range of investments that have options to deliver a monthly income of 1% per month to capital growth of up to 15% per annum


Leading UK Developers

Choose to invest into a range of the UK's best mid-sized property developers, bridging businesses and asset managers

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Premium Returns

The investments come with an illiquidity premium to deliver market-leading returns with terms from 12 months to five years. Register to access investment calculators


*Qualified Investors Only

If you are investing as an individual, then you will need to qualify as either a High Net Worth or Sophisticated investor as defined by the Government

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Enhanced Due-Diligence

All our investments go through a rigorous due-diligence to make sure only the best opportunities are available through the Avantis Platform

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Why use Avantis

Why use Avantis?

Because we specialise in short-term fixed income structures that can deliver monthly, quarterly, semi-annual and deferred repayments

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Learn More About How Fixed Income Alternatives Work...

Avantis Fixed Income Investments

Interest Repayment Options

The chance to generate income with returns superior to the wider market with our current investments offering between 8.75% to 15% PA and investment terms between 1 to 5 years.


Illiquidity Premiums

Reaping the rewards of keeping your capital invested in an asset over the fixed investment term. Some investments can have periodic exit strategies or you can choose to roll the investment on for a longer period.



Options when allocating capital in a way that reduces the exposure to any one particular asset or risk. With both income and deferred options available, your investment goals can be achieved whilst looking at a diversification strategy.

Latest Investments in our Fixed Income Portfolio

The Avantis portfolio is tailored to deliver asset-backed alternative investments through property bonds and loan notes. We specialise in short-term fixed income structures that can deliver monthly, quarterly, semi-annual and deferred repayments. When investing in alternatives your capital is at risk, please familiarise yourself with the risks before investing.

Net-Zero Carbon Smart Homes

12% p.a. | 24m | Bi-annual | ISA Options


Net-Zero Carbon Smart Homes

12% p.a. with bi-annual interest repayments over 24 months

This innovative developer has a simple ethos: to deliver sustainable, high-quality, net-zero carbon smart homes that enhance communities. Their first development of 14 homes is now sold and they have a strong pipeline of new projects with planning in place.

The homes are built for everyone, from families and first-time buyers to retirees. They have created a construction system and methodology that enables us to deliver net-zero carbon smart homes on developments that are carefully designed to enhance the local environment and be affordable.

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Award Winning Bridging Loans

24/36/48m | Income or Deferred Options


Award Winning Bridging Loans

Invest into an award-winning bridging business – Annual returns from 9% p.a. to 13% p.a. – 2,3,4 year terms and bonus options

An investment into a business that exclusively specialises in providing urgent short-term secured bridging solutions specifically for business purposes. Offering an immediate and personal service to business borrowers with competitive rates and repayment terms. All projects are assessed through the strict lending criteria and funds are typically issued for a period between three to twelve months.

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Monthly Income | Project Backed

12% p.a. | 12m Term | 1.5% Bonus +£50k


Monthly Income | Project Backed

Very popular UK developer paying monthly returns @12% p.a. over a short 1 year term

With over thirty years of experience in the industry, the developer is a leading figure in asset management, specialising in luxury property investment on an international scale.

Working with high-net-worth investors, the company has built an enviable portfolio of residential and commercial developments in highly lucrative areas.

A family-run business, one of the world’s fastest-growing asset management companies. Led by a team with strong values of loyalty, honesty, and reliability who are respected by their clients that hail from all four corners of the globe.

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We would like to share with you our updated Investment Portfolio for HNW and Sophisticated Investors. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to reach out to one of our specialist team who are always here to help you. 

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Investment questions our clients ask on a regular basis

Frequently Asked Questions

Can anyone invest in this investment?

Since 2014, the Financial Conduct Authority has restricted ‘retail’ investors from investing in many investments, including unregulated bonds and loan notes.

If you are investing as an individual, then you will need to qualify as either a High Net Worth or Sophisticated investor as defined by the Government.

You can currently self-certify as either of these investor types, but we reserve the right to require third-party verification of your status should we have any doubts about your status. It is in place to protect an individual's capacity for loss if any investment were to fail.

Why do investment providers offer such a high return?

The reduction in the capacity of traditional bank lending has led to difficulties for businesses looking to complete funding for their projects. The reasons they are willing to pay significantly above market rate include:

  • They need the funds fast to take advantage of market opportunities
  • They have raised most of the funding required, but need a final piece to complete their capital stack
  • A new opportunity has arisen, but existing lenders won’t provide finance
  • They have exhausted traditional finance routes
  • Banks are not lending to their sector
  • They have security to offer but not in a form acceptable to mainstream lenders
  • Cashflow timing means they have identified a short-term requirement to see them through
  • Compliance with mainstream bank lending can be unduly onerous, and our approach is more pragmatic
Is Avantis Wealth regulated?

No. There are many assets and investments which are not subject to Government regulation, the FCA (Financial Conduct Authority), or indeed at all. The long list includes residential and commercial property (including the property you buy to live in!), commodities such as gold, diamonds, alternative investments such as art, wine, vintage cars and certain financial investments such as loan notes and bonds which are not listed on a stock exchange.

As the investments are not regulated, then there is no benefit being so – considerable cost and extensive paperwork and reporting adds considerably to our overheads which would have to be recouped through charging fees.

We are simply a broker, introducing you to potential investments that might be interesting. You are always most welcome and indeed recommended, to take regulated professional advice prior to any investment decision, unless you are fully confident in your ability and investment experience.

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