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Since 2012, we source private debt investments that exhibit the following characteristics:

We strive to be the leading specialist investment broker of exceptional high return alternative investments, driven by our commitment to our unique investment strategy and core brand values. Every decision we make, the way we treat our clients and manage our business is underpinned by:

  • Integrity
  • Responsibility
  • Respect
  • Honesty
  • Transparency

Our senior management team comprises a close-knit group of investment professionals with many years of investment and property experience. Our dedicated administration team ensures that from the start of a client relationship, the highest level of client service based on the principle of treating all clients fairly is delivered.

We understand that managing risk in an investment is a crucial part of a client’s decision-making process. Therefore, we have invested heavily in both people, processes and follow strict protocols before making an investment available. This strong focus on risk management positions us as a champion of clients’ interests.

Our Team of Experts are here to

Our team of experts are here to
deliver well scrutinised opportunities

Loanership Vs. Ownership

What is Loanership?

When you lend money to a company or government to receive a fixed return for a set period of time. The entity to whom you loan the money promises to repay your original principal plus the interest earned, with security against the loan on an asset (e.g. property) that is owned by the entity.

Money Lending

Lending your money or asset to a company, government or individual for an agreed time. 

Receive Income

You receive income (or full payment) at a set rate for the agreed period of time. 

High rate of return

The Rate of return is known in advance and loan periods can be extended if agreed upon beforehand.

What is Ownership?

When you purchase an ownership investment or equity, you own that asset partially or fully. Investments could include stocks, property, commodities, and collectibles like art. The value of the investment will fluctuate depending on the volatility of market conditions, company performance, and both local/global forces.

Purchase Asset

Purchasing a part or whole share of an asset at the current market rate

Asset price fluctuation

The value of the asset will fluctuate depending on market conditions and use of the asset

Unknown rate of return

The rate of return is unknown in advance

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