Introducing the Financial Advantage Programme

As a company director of a limited company or plc, or a partner in a Limited Liability Partnership, you have most likely worked hard for a considerable amount of time on your business. If you have been successful in generating profits, these will be reflected in the value of the investments you have made – your assets – both within your business and personally.

Your assets will be intended to fulfil many different purposes: provide income now or later, build a fund for retirement, provide security and ‘insulation’ against life’s uncertainties, and be available to your family or other beneficiaries as an inheritance. The challenge for you is to maximise the value of your assets in two ways:

  • Firstly, ensure that you achieve a consistently solid return on investment across your entire portfolio, year after year; and
  • Secondly, use tax breaks and legal asset structures to ensure that you keep as much as possible of your investment portfolio.

However, for many reasons, directors often fail to achieve anything like the full potential of their investment portfolio. That’s why the Financial Advantage Programme from Avantis Wealth can deliver substantial financial benefits.

The three elements of the Financial Advantage Programme

Just consider the difference to your investment portfolio if you could

  1. Consistently achieve 7%-15% return on investment, year after year, for investments made personally and with cash reserves inside your company. The Financial Advantage Programme shows you how to do this using the proprietary F.R.E.S.H. investment strategy.
  2. Structure your pension to take advantage of the new pension freedoms, have maximum flexibility of investment and even provide a source of future cashflow for your business. The programme’s Advantage SSAS can show you how.
  3. Deploy well established asset protection strategies to provide protection from future challenges and organise your affairs in the most tax efficient manner. Well established Trust structures will uncover how in our Financial Advantage Programme.

Ultimately, the Financial Advantage Programme from Avantis Wealth shows company directors and partners how to make more money, then keep more money, from their investment portfolio in both their personal and company arrangements.

If you would like to learn more about the difference the Financial Advantage Programme could make to your finances, register your interest using the form below now. We’ll send you a complimentary copy of our Financial Advantage Programme special report upon its completion.


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