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Returning 8.75% to 18%p.a.

Maximise your chances of achieving fixed returns and income on your capital through Loanership

We offer access to a range of asset-backed alternative investments to help you diversify your portfolio, offering fixed returns (currently between 8.75% to 18%), a defined exit strategy and multiple repayment options including 1% per month interest. We also offer qualified investors full access to our own due-diligence documentation to help you make an informed decision on our carefully selected live opportunities.

Our investments are exclusively for high net worth and sophisticated investors. Please register with us for access to our investor portal for all the information on each individual investment available.

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What is Loanership?


The chance to generate income with returns superior to the wider market of with our current investments offering between 8.75% to 18%p.a. with investment terms between 1 to 6 years.

Illiquidity Premiums

Reaping the rewards of keeping your capital invested in an asset over the fixed investment term. Some investments can have periodic exit strategies or you can choose to role the investment on for a longer period.


Options when allocating capital in a way that reduces the exposure to any one particular asset or risk. With both income and deferred options avialable, your investment goals can be achieved whilst looking at a diversification strategy.

Loanership Vs Ownership

What is Loanership?

When you lend money to a company or government to receive a fixed return for a set period of time. The entity to whom you loan the money promises to repay your original pricipal + interest, with security against the loan on an asset (e.g. property) that is owned by the entity.
Money Lending
Lending your money or asset to a company, government or individual for an agreed time.
Receive Income
You receive income (or full payment) at a set rate for the agreed period of time.
High rate of return
The Rate of return is known in advance and loan periods can be extended if agreed beforehand.

What is Ownership?

When you purchase an ownership investment or equity, you own that asset partially or fully. Investments could include stocks, property, commodities and collectibles like art. The value of the investment will fluctuate depending on the volatility of market conditions, company performance and both local/global forces.
Purchase Asset
Purchasing a part or whole share of an asset at current market rate
Asset price fluctuation
The value of the asset will fluctuate depending on market conditions 
and use of the asset
Unknown rate of return
Rate of return is unknown in advance

How it works…

Rewarding returns are available on all our investment and it is our job to give you the facts about each investment so you are confident that each investment is right for your circumstances, goals and investment plans.
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Each investment has different income options and different exit strategies depending on their structure.
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Whether you choose an income or a deferred option, your returns start from your investment date.

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Investment Insights & Knowledge

Along with our current investments, we strive to give you all the information you need to make your portfolio decisions stronger. We will be expanding this section to give you a knowledgebase that will help you to understand the alternative investment market in greater detail.
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11 Key Questions to Ask Yourself When Choosing the Right Investment

We all want to know what’s going to be the ‘best’ investment for us individually. The answer to this lies at the intersection of two critical elements.

Smaller 5benefs

5 Beneficial Outcomes for Investors

Alongside the core values that Avantis Wealth hold dear, having a straight forward investment structure helps to reduce risk as you grow in knowledge.

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Am I Eligible to Explore Alternative Investments?

The asset class of Alternative Investments is relatively new territory in comparison to traditional investment opportunities, especially for those new to the market or those eligible to invest in this particular asset class for the first time.


Investment decisions can be complicated. At Avantis, we are here to help you understand the investments that are presented to you. By understanding more about your investment goals, we can give access to opportunities that can achieve these goals.
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