Safe, structured and individual care for children and young people.

Lockdown crisis and the plight of vulnerable children across the UK

The ensuing lockdown crisis continues to have a bearing on the lives of our most vulnerable children and families.

Diminishing work prospects, reduced ability to reach support services (due to safety measures) and enforced bubbling in confined homes upping mental health issues and pressures are all contributing to more children being placed into emergency care.

Currently there is more demand than spaces for children in care and we’re seeing children moved around the country in a bid to place them. A recent example being a child moved from Merseyside to the South of England in a taxi at the cost of £2000, in the absence of suitable alternative accommodation.

This is where providers such as Searchlight Care Developments help to support an already stressed system by providing solo care. A type of care that mirrors family set-up, with one children being looked after in a home setting by a dedicated team of care-workers.

Due to demand and outstanding Ofsted ratings, plus 20 years of experience, Searchlight are expanding. Searchlights Care Developments are backed by local Government and are seeking to grow their remit into new home developments.

These developments provide a socially responsible opportunity for investors seeking a solid and fixed return on investment.

Find out more and download the report.

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