Three ways to Introduce and earn commission via your client base

Who are Introducers and how can Introducers benefit?

If you are an individual, organisation, professional or investment broker with a network of investor contacts, then you can work with us to help us develop our client base. In return we offer an excellent Introducer’s commission.

Becoming an Introducer is a good way for you to earn commission on introductions you pass to us from High Net Worth and Sophisticated Investors.

There are three types of Introducer that we will consider working with and these are fully outlined in our Introducers Guide which you can download below. The Guide outlines the expected level of activity required, the training and support given and type of clients required. It also outlines the commission rates which can also be seen below.

A basic outline of the three types of introducer can be seen here.

Introducer Type One

Introducers who fit this type are individuals or organisations which have regular contact with HNW/SI investors. Offering investments would not usually be their core business. However, their client base is interested and receptive to looking at new investment options and may raise the question with the Introducer.

Type One Introducers will receive 2% commission on all completed investment business within 30 days of Avantis Wealth being paid by the Investment Provider.

Introducer Type Two

Type Two Introducers are in the same group of individuals or companies as Type One. The distinction is that Type Two Introducers are prepared to learn about individual investment opportunities and then to actively promote them to potential clients.

Type Two Introducers receive 4% commission on all completed investment business within 30 days of Avantis Wealth Ltd being paid by the investment provider.

Introducer Type Three

Being a Type Three Introducer is appropriate for businesses already acting as investment brokers and who offer investments to their own client list. They may also be involved in external marketing to continue developing their client base.

Type Three Introducers receive a flexible commission rate, calculated on each individual investment opportunity. In general, commission runs between 6% - 10%. The commission is paid on all completed investment business within 30 days of Avantis Wealth Ltd being paid by the investment provider.

Find out more and register your interest

Download the Introducers Guide

After reading the guide, If you are interested in becoming an Introducer with Avantis please contact us and we will be in contact to let you know the next steps in the process.

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